The GYM team Mission trip 2016

The GYM team Mission trip 2016

GYM team 2016

Medical Clinic, Children Activities and Spiritual Care

During three days and within 3 different clinics we were able to serve approximately 500 patients with general medicine, foot care, and dental care. We also were able to provide the medicine for free. While patients waited patiently for their turn to see the doctor, an awesome team was spreading the gospel with the children, as well as music, candy, frisbees, soccer, and lots of dancing, just to name a few events that happened every day. For the adults, prayers and Bibles were offered behind a curtain in the waiting area. Great testimonies and very good things happened in that area. There was also an area where ladies were being pampered with a manicure.

Aurora's New home

The family of Aurora Alvarez, her mother and two more siblings now have a much better setting. It’s a more secure home, with three bedrooms, a dining room, a small kitchen with a wood burning stove, and more important, a real bathroom with running water!  Praise the Lord, this was a real joy! For Aurora’s whole life (she is now 15 years old) she had to walk and carry water in buckets from her neighbor’s home to her house. Thank God and thanks to you, she no longer will have to do that. Tears of joy could not be contained on the day we presented the house to the family. Oh, and did I mention we also furnished it?  Yes, we were able to buy new beds and furniture, dishes etc. It was a team effort, as we had volunteers build the beds and the dining room set.