Our Work

“We  help kids to complete their schooling, teaching them the importance of serving God and training them to be influential leaders in their schools, homes and communities.”

team work

A main focus of OHG is to ensure that  students feel supported, not only financially but also spiritually and emotionally.  OHG works with a network of volunteers who are professional business owners, teachers, accountants, and a psychologist.  These individuals invest their time tutoring, mentoring and discipling the students .

Guatemala Reality

Because of the economic necessity within families, children in Guatemala are often needed to help create income at a young age .  It is common for children to drop out of school as early as 12-15 years of age to start adult life to help their family.


A recent study reveled only three out of 10 children graduate from 6th grade.   Open Heavens Exists to provide tuition, school supplies, uniforms and other support to enable young people to continue their education and create a better future for themselves.

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As part of the requirements to receive a scholarship with OHG.  After a kid graduates is expected that he will volunteer 2 years of his time help mentoring the younger students.  Usually the student is really looking forward to start helping and become part of the group of volunteers.