Education is one of the Greatest Investments

“A main focus of OHG  is to ensure that the students feel supported, not only financially but also spiritually and emotionally.  Within the group of volunteers OHG there are professional business owners, teachers, accountants, psychologist who help tutoring and disciples the group of students.”


Scholarship program

With a contribution of  $35 a month you can change a child’s future, helping him/her continue to attend school.  Your contribution buys school supplies, uniforms and tuition. In addition to the tangible items the kids receive, there is also discipleship, mentoring  and tutoring provided. You will be helping transform lives and making dreams come true. (Education is a one of the greatest investments.)


Every year friends from the USA visit the families of Open Heavens Guatemala, they  bring mobile medical clinics and provide the means to build and furnishing a home for a family in the community.  The group gets to join the Christmas celebration as well as the graduations with the students of the program. If you are Interested in an meaningful  adventure/vacation trip, then contact us. We will send more information. Any help/expertise is welcome.


Every year OHG celebrates Christmas with the children of the program and their families.   Each student and their siblings gets a new/good quality pair of shoes. The family gets a gift basket filled with food and snacks.   The children also get to enjoy at least one toy or something fun to open on Christmas Day. 

You can donate $20 and buy a pair of shoes for a kid in Guatemala.

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All donations are tax deductible 

Make checks to Open Heavens Guatemala

Send to 4252 Southtowne Dr. Suite D

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4252 Southtowne Suite D Eau Claire, WI 54701

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