About Us


Open Heaven Guatemala started in 2000 as a family project with 5 kids receiving school scholarships. Through the years the group has significantly grown with the help of friends and partners. In the year 2012 the first 2 kids graduated from High School/Technical degree in accounting.

"Today Open Heavens Guatemala Inc. provides for more than 65 kids resources to attend school with full time scholarships. The scholarship includes tuition, school supplies, uniforms and other support. OHG promotes Godly principles and values through training in leadership, teamwork, community service and achievement.


"Break the chain of poverty in the lives of children. Helping them complete their schooling and teaching them the importance of serving God and how to be influential leaders in their schools, homes and community."

"The Students are required to excel in their school work and after graduating they are expected to donate 2 years of volunteer work within the Program. In 2018 a total of 23 students have graduated and now are happily volunteering, helping the little ones to achieve success."

Patrick & Mayra Couture  


We are a couple who love people and are committed to give from ourselves to help others succeed.
We enjoy seeing how young kids in Guatemala finish school and are transforming their futures and communities.
We are Founders and Directors on the Board of OHG Inc.
It is a blessing to work for our own company Keystone Financial.
In our leisure time we enjoy sharing our time with our 3 daughters and one granddaughter, camping, traveling, hosting friends at our home and involvement at our local church

Brenda Gamarro


My husband Alex and I are blessed with 3 wonderful daughters. It’s my family who motivates me every morning to get up and give the best of me.  

We enjoy spending time together, attending church and doing homework together. Another passion of mine is to work with the children and young people of OHG. 

 I have witnessed for the past 10 years what finishing school, hard work and motivation can do in one single young person and therefore these students help to change their family and community for the best!

My life long career as a Customer Service Manager gave me the experience and ability to work with people, but the emotional reward of what I do at OHG does not compare.  

Planning, setting goals, encouraging and challenging the students, as well as serving with friends and family make my life exciting.

Volunteer Team


One of the requirements of every OHG Scholarship recipient is a 2 year volunteer commitment upon graduation. This experience is something the students look forward to. They are active in mentoring the younger students, working alongside other volunteers and being coached in leadership and service.  We also have professionals who donate their time and efforts towards the students.


With a contribution of $35 a month you can change a child's future. Help them to attended school.

Mission Trip

Every year friends from the USA visit the families of OHG. You can be part of this adventure.

Happy Feet Party

With $20 you can buy a pair of shoes and make happy a Kid in Guatemala for Christmas.