The Guatemala Mission Trip 2017 was a success ! Even though we experienced lots of stone on the road previous to the trip, we know for sure this was God’s plan for us to do. We thank everyone who was praying for us, donated or participated so this trip became a reality. We can’t thank you enough!  MUCHAS GRACIAS  from the bottom of our hearts !

We were able to present a new, furnished house to the Tubac Cuxe family, tended to more than 400 patients, celebrated with 3 more graduates, and celebrated Christmas with OHG families. All of this in less than one week! It was an amazing trip.  People have already started asking about the dates of our next trip.  Our new dates of the 2018 Mission trip are Nov. 27 to December 4. (Check pics  and more updates on our  FB page ) 

As always, this year’s trip was great.  I have been telling people it was perhaps our best trip to date.  I have been a part of Open Heavens Guatemala’s mission trips for the past five years.  I was a full time missionary in Guatemala years ago, so my perspective is probably different than other team members.  I love to see people plug in to different aspects of the ministry.  This year myself and another team member had a great time with the recipients of the house we built.  Our mini bus picked us up, along with eight family members and a couple Guatemalan volunteers.  We went to a mall and grabbed a few shopping carts, and went up and down the aisles picking out household furnishings for this precious family. From pillows, to pots and pans, dishes, silverware, and towels, we picked up “un poco de todo” (a little of everything.)  Let me tell you how happy and grateful (and I think shocked) they were to know that all of these items would be part of the gift that Open Heavens Guatemala was giving them. We had lunch out at a McDonald’s and it was a first time experience for them!  It is definitely a greater joy to give rather than to receive. Your support of this ministry makes all of this possible. We are grateful.             Michelle Couture


What others have to say about mission trip

It was so much fun spending time with our team and getting to know each other better, combining our talents and acting on God’s love to accomplish a united goal. It was such a joy to see the smiles on the faces of all the families and kids at the Happy Feet party, and meeting our sponsored child, Osman, for the first time was priceless. Presenting the home to Francisco and his family was such an amazing, yet emotional experience; it’s very hard to put that into words… We stepped out of our comfort zone, and trusted in God, and in turn were so blessed to be able to work alongside such great people, both the mission team and the awesome volunteers! An incredible life changing experience! 
Curt and Jane Strasburg 

This was my 5th mission trip to Guatemala with our amazing team. Each year we meet new people and experience God’s amazing touch to hearts. This year was no exception to our testimony of faith. In hard times when we wonder if things are going to work out, we must trust God has a plan and be faithful it will be fine. We were able to have new medical staff, build the house in record time and with a 12 hour plane delay, meet Louisa in the airport, to name a few of the crazy twists! Each year I look forward to what will enrich my heart by this trip, and I am grateful and blessed to have the opportunity.      Teresa Paulsrud


The hand that gives, will never remain empty

Francisco Tubac  and his 6 children were the happy family receiving a new, furnished home.  It was the perfect birthday gift for Francisco, and priceless to see the tears of joy that everyone shed. 

We also celebrated 3 more graduates. A total of 20 students up to this date.   Jorge, Angel and Alejandra. 

Marlon Salvador

5 de febrero de 1994